Sunday, November 29, 2009

Should Parents be Punished if Their Children are Misbehaved?

Parents are the head of the family, and their children will lead future families. It is culturally obligated that parents are to do everything in their power to instill good character in their children. Children are individuals under the age of eighteen, which are in general dependent on their parents for food, shelter and education. As the saying goes, 'Don't teach if you are not an expert, you'll ruin another's life', parents should be punished if their children have bad behavior.

Parents should be punished if they neglect their children. Parents are responsible in ensuring holistic growth in their children and this includes monitoring their children's physical, mental and spiritual health. They should encourage children to take up sports, study hard in school and provide a good religious background. They should also monitor their children's social networks. Parents should prevent their children from mixing with ill behaved delinquents. If anyone of these responsibilities are neglected, parents should be punished. Parents should be vigilant and make sure that the pursuit of wealth, material indulgence, addicting hobbies and ignorance in parenting skills should not hinder the education of a child, thus mitigating ill behavior.

Parents should be punished if they abuse their children. Abuse causes ill behavior. A parent may abuse a child so to release anger and stress. These negative emotions may originate from work of from tense social relationships. The imperceptibility of the causes and forms of abuse make its effects devastating and difficult to handle. There are many forms of abuse. Physical abuse includes harsh punishments, tortures which create physical wounds, starvation and drug abuse among others. Mental abuse includes inappropriate remarks, frequent scoldings and ceaseless insults which maims the spirit and makes the child feel less than human. Collectively, abusing a child incurs ill behavior. The child may follow the ill behaviors of their parents by abusing others. They may become defiant and commit crimes as the result of ill treatment. The child may also become anti-social because they lack social skills, or a phobic towards adults.

However there are exceptions to be made. Some special children are ill behaved no matter how much effort has been put into nurturing good character. Some children are genetically predisposed to aggressive behavior, such as children having XYY chromosomes. They have higher testosterone levels in their blood, making them irascible and impulsive. Some children are autistic. They have special abilities, like artistic and mathematical talents. However, they lack good social and motor skills which make the seem ill behaved. Some children also becomes ill behaved after they met an accident, be it a head injury or serious psychological attacks. To me, parents should not be blamed under these specific circumstances.

In conclusion, parents should give their all in moulding children into civilized adults. If parents feel incapable in meeting this challenge, they should have taken contraceptive measures.

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